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Presidential History

The history of The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa has a long-standing relationship with U.S. Presidents. It all began back in 1903 when Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the Inn soon after the Mission Wing was built. He also took part in the ceremonial replanting of one of Riverside’s two parent navel orange trees, now found in the Spanish Patio of the Mission Inn Restaurant.

Richard and Pat Nixon held their wedding next to the warmth of the beautiful fireplace in what is now the Presidential Lounge, while Nancy and Ronald Reagan chose The Mission Inn as their honeymoon destination.

Seven other US Presidents and Vice Presidents have visited the Inn including:

  • Benjamin Harrison
  • William McKinley
  • William Howard Taft
  • Herbert Hoover
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Gerald Ford
  • George W. Bush
  • Dick Cheney

Presidents Benjamin Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft even visited The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa while in office. Many other world leaders and famous names have paid visits to the Inn over the years as well.